Time is precious for SMEs owners

Time is precious for SME owners

A recent survey conducted by Sage 50 Accounts among Irish SME’s found that 42% of Irish business owners feel they don’t have enough time in their working day.  57% say they are not spending enough time on growing their business.

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Time is precious in a busy day

60% of the business leaders surveyed say that their most productive time of the day is first thing in the morning, proving the theory that the most successful people are early risers. The afternoon slump is not an issue for 13% of respondents who believe that this is when they are at their optimal. Only 4% admit to being night owls.

Administration is seen as the greatest time-waster in the working day (27%) while 25% admit that non-work related activities such as browsing social media, online shopping and emailing friends waste the most time.


Recent research among SMEs found that nearly 10% admit to procrastination.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Scientists define procrastination” as the voluntary delay of an action despite foreseeable negative future consequences. It is just intentional delay based on a rational decision”. Researchers say chronic procrastination is an emotional strategy for dealing with stress.

Given 50 extra minutes each day, the majority of respondents (39%) would opt to spend more time with their family, while 20% would spend the additional time exercising. Only one in five (20%) would choose to spend it growing their business, reflecting their desire for a better work/life balance.  


Life/Work balance pay someone to do your social meida





Time and Money – The Two Main Limited Resources for SMES 

We listen to our customers we understand that Time is precious in a busy day. From our own research is it evident that small to medium size businesses have limited resources and too often there is not enough time to devote full attention to all the tasks and responsibilities associated with running a business. Some of these tasks and responsibilities business owners have to take ownership of but others can easily be left to others to manage for you.

This is where Middle Media Marketing can help you. We understand that Time is precious in a busy day.

We will take your time and make it our time while you get on with running your business.

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