Project Management And Your Professional Website Design

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The Project Management Institute (PMI) defines project management as “meeting project requirement through the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities. This is accomplished through the use of initiating, planning, executing, controlling and closing a project.”

We will work with you to outline your project. Once the project or in this case your new website, website redesign and other marketing needs, are identified,  the next step is to outline the scope, time and budget needed.

Project Management is the planning, organising and controlling of the scope, budget and time of your website design and marketing project.


Defining scope is often the most difficult and complex part of project management. Details of a project are generally unknown at the beginning, so part of project management is estimating what activities and tasks are needed in order to execute the project.  The project scope will also help you determine the time and budget you’ll need to finish the project. A good way to begin building a project scope is to simply start writing down what you think is needed to complete the task. Middle Media Marketing, as part of our service, will sit down and do a very detailed brainstorming session with you.  Usually at the end of this session the scope of your new website design and marketing needs are identified.


Once you’ve established an initial scope, we will begin to assign a time to each activity and task. During this time we will also need to look at the projects bigger picture. Can some activities happen at the same time? Or will each activity or task have to happen sequentially?  Also, we will have to pay close attention to how many people will need to review the project activities as this can affect the time it will take to complete a step. You’d be surprised how long a simple task can take when three people need to review it. After calculating the time it will take to complete the cumulative activities and tasks, we will create a project schedule for us to work through with you.


At this point, we will have established the what (scope) and the length (time) of a project, so now it’s time to determine how much it will all cost (budget). We will have to look at the cost for the new website or the website redesign, other marketing, and social media platform that will be needed. We will need to look at your logo,  your branding, if photography or video are needed.  These items will have been looked at under Scope but here we will have the opportunity to see how much things will cost and what budget you will need. All these items will have to be looked at and included in the budget. Of course, at this stage, we will also look at the options for funding through the on line trading voucher scheme through your local Enterprise Board.

We will assist you every step of the way, in designing your website, social media platforms and mentoring you on all your marketing needs.  We will propose real, measurable actions you can take to reach your goals.


Once we have a plan, the fun and hard work begins!


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