Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising

We are very much aware that as a  business owner budgets are restricted. So talk to us and let us show you how to maximise revenue via Facebook Ad Manager.

We can set campaigns and ads to target your customers and Facebook users that are not your customers. The sophisticated  Ad Manager will give you access to your existing and potential customers by targeting them

    • Geographically
    • Demographically
  • By their interest

We can also target

    • Just your followers
    • Visitors that  visit your website
    • Your customers by their  email list
  • Your customers by their phone number

We can also

  • Increase your number of page likes
  • Get more people to see your posts
  • Drive traffic to your website

We can help you target the reach and frequency that works for your budget and audience type, from a set radius around your business to all across Ireland.  Facebook provides huge opportunity to engage with people in a crowded market place.

 So why not let Middle Media Marketing help you find a solution to suit your business and resources.



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